Escape from NYC to Hudson, NY

Warren Street in Hudson, New York. Image shows quaintness and cuteness of the old and historical city of Hudson, New York

When you want to escape the hustle-and-bustle of New York City, venture up the river for a quaint stay in Hudson, NY.

Easily reachable on Amtrak, Hudson is only a short 2.5 hr train trip from Penn Station. In this cute city, you’ll find yourself back in history as you explore all of the small stores and restaurants the town has to offer. Down its single Main Street, Warrant St., you will find a wide-variety of local artisan shops and restaurants of at all different price points. One of our favorite restaurants in the city is 225 Warren Bar & Grill. Here you will find everything you would expect of a local Bar & Grill as well as some more upscale plates. We would recommend their pasta special on Thursday nights that come with a starter, side of bread and pasta at a very reasonable price.

For breakfast & pastries, Breadfolks provides home-made fine breads and a rotating selection of home-made pastries as well. These pastries are amazing and we definitely recommend making a pit-stop here before starting your day.

When in the mood for something sweet, we would also recommend Verdigris Tea. Besides serving up fantastic drinks, Verdigris Tea also has an assortment of home-made and local artisan made chocolates and desserts. If you are looking for a cooler option to beat the heat, they also make fantastic ice cream brownie sundaes. If there is one place I wish I could take back with me to New York, this would be it.

When it comes to accommodations, we really like The Wick. This boutique Mariott hotel, is a block away from the train station and provides a nice and quiet stay when visiting Hudson. However, if you have mobility issues, it could be a challenging trip to town due to the need to take an uneven stairway up to Warren Street. We hope that is staircase will be fixed prior to our next visit. If the Wick does not suit your needs, the are also multiple bread & breakfast options and Airbnbs in the city.

Standard room in The Wick Hotel in Hudson, New York that shows the cleanliness and upscale value this hotel provides to its guests
Standard Room at The Wick Hotel (Courtesy of The Wick Hotel)

Finally, we would recommend going to both Promenade Hill Park and Henry Hudson Waterfront Park. Promenade Hill Park at the end of Warren St., provides a senycic overlook of the Hudson River and the catskill mountains across the river. Additionally, this park has been recently renovated providing a better experience for park-goers. While Promenande Hill Park provides a beautiful overlook of the river, Henry Hudson Waterfront Park puts you right on it. Nestled on the Hudson River shoreline and by the city’s boat club, this park provides a pretty place to settle down. Offering plenty of green-space and room for the little-ones to run around, Henry Hudson Waterfront Park is a flexible space that can support a nice picnic, party, or any other opportunity to relax by the water.

Image from Henry Hudson Waterfront Park showing the expansive views the park has to offer
Henry Hudson Waterfront Park (Courtesy of Kyle Andrews/timetoseetheworld)

Overall, Hudson, New York provides a fantastic place to relax and get away from the energy of New York City. With all of the shops, restaurants, and parks this city has to offer, you will easily be able to have a great trip. When it is time to go home, you will be thanking yourself for providing such a great opportunity to rest and recharge.

Kyle’s Tip: I would recommend visiting Hudson in the Fall and/or the Spring. This way, you will be able to get the best hotel deals. We have found late-March to be a sweet-spot for the best deals. Otherwise, expect to pay more for summer bookings as the town experiences its busy season.

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