Is Revel the Next Big Thing?

Show Revel vehicle and its distinctive blue coloring with white text

As I got into my Revel to the airport, I started to wonder, have I entered the future?


For those of you that are new to Revel, Revel is operating a fleet of brand new Tesla Model Y’s between the bottom tip of Manhattan and 100th as well as drop-off service to all of the major NYC airports. These Revels are requested through an app, just like Uber and Lyft. However, the main difference comes down to the rider experience and price.

Shows the Revel app and how the user searches for a destination and is then shows their car
Revel App (Courtesy of Revel)

As Uber and Lyft have moved away from offering cheap car services, and taxis have become less common, it has become harder and harder to get a cheap ride in NYC. For me, that means I either have to rely on public transportation or bite the bullet of Uber’s and Lyft’s prices. However, after riding with Revel multiple times, I have realized that is not the case.

Good Drivers = Good Service

While Uber and Lyft rely on independent contractors to run their services, Revel hires their own employees. What this leads to in my experience is happier, safer, and better drivers. In every ride I have taken, the car is in impeccable condition and the drivers have welcomed me aboard. They then to proceeded to take me on a punctual and smooth ride to my destination (something I would say that is not common with Uber and Lyft).

Revel Driver (Courtesy of Revel)

Price is Key

While the comfortable ride is important, the other key differentiator is price. While Uber and Lyft have increased their prices with a fuel surcharge, Revel has shown it has a competitive advantage running an all-electric fleet. On the majority of journey I have priced Revel to either Uber or Lyft, I have seen a price difference between $5-10 per ride. This collective saves a lot of money over the course of the month.

Off to the Races

While I do wish Revel would expand upon its current boundaries (including airport pickups), Revel has shown that it is able to complete well against the other ride sharing companies. If Revel is able to continue offering a very comfortable service at the right price in more locations, I definitely believe Revel has a shot of becoming a major competitor to Uber and Lyft.

Kyle’s Tip

Kyle’s Tip: As Revel is increasing its fleet, it is using a waitlist feature for its rideshare offering. If you are planning to use Revel for a trip to NYC or are a regular NYC commuter, I would recommend getting on to the waitlist as soon as possible. The other option is to find someone with a referral code that ca let you bypass the waitlist and earn a discount on your first ride.

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