Hate Flight Delays? Hate Airports? Time to Takeoff with Flighty

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For someone new to international travel, I find it exciting to go to new countries. However, the more flights I take, the harder it is for me to remember where I’ve been and how I got there. To keep track of this, I use Flighty.

Why Flighty?

Flighty is an iOS app that helps me keep track of all of my prior flights by automatically moving my current flights to my past flight list. This is helpful for when I am planning new routes to know where I have been and which airlines I enjoyed flying on. Another fun benefit of this feature is that it maps out all of my flights and also lists the number of miles, cumulative flight time, and mileage-equivalent trips around the world you have taken. This is a fun way to keep track of where I have been and how I am seeing the world.

Image shows a map of all-time flights taken, and a summation of your flight stats, including total mileage, trips around the world, and number of flights taken.

Besides serving as a great resource for storing my past flight information, Flighty also helps with planning upcoming flights. In the app, you can enter your upcoming flight’s information to see the travel distance, flight time, airport and flight information associated with your flight. This feature became super handy for me for when one of my flights got canceled.

For my first European trip (review coming soon!) I got notified that on Flighty that my return flight on Swiss Air flight from Zürich to NYC got cancelled. This notification came before receiving any information from the airline. By receiving this notification, I was able to immediately get in touch with the airline and change my flight.

Image shows some of the notifications that the Flighty App sends to their users about their Flight. This includes departure gate change and flight delays.
Flighty App Notifications (Courtesy of Flighty App)

Another benefit of this app is that it will provide you with all the details you need about your flight. This includes baggage claim information, flight terminal and flight gate information. By having all of this information in one place, I was able to quickly move through the airport without relying on the airport information boards. This proved to be super helpful when navigating new airports.

Image shows Flighty app displaying current flight information including departure and arrival airports, flight time, flight distance, and flight status.
Flighty App Flight Information (Courtesy of Flighty App)

I hope others will find Flighty useful for their travels as well. While I am disappointed that some of the features require a paid subscription, I do find that I get value out of the added benefits of the paid version. For me personally, I know that Flighty is a great resource and one that I will continue to rely on my future trips!

Kyle’s Tip

Kyle’s Tip: Download Flighty a couple days before your trip so you can start using straight away. I also recommend adding all of the your flight information at once so that you don’t have to spend time on this during your trip and can take full advantage of the features that Flighty offers.

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