Uber’s Bid to get more Customers

Image shows Uber Driver with two passengers in backseat.

In the year of new Uber services, Uber has just introduced a new service for their customers. This time it is a new take on carpooling with UberX Share.

New Product? What for?

To get people back into Ubers amid record-high gas prices, Uber has brought back shared rides. As reported by The Points Guy, Uber has introduced a new offering called UberX Share that has some of the same features as the old UberPool did.

List of UberX Share features and illustration of customers using UberX Share.
UberX Share (Courtesy of Uber)

When you request a UberX Share you will be shown the full price of the fare. However, if another rider joins you, your fare will decrease up to 20%. While, we believe the 20% discount is a good deal, we do wish Uber would clarify how the discount is calculated or if all shared rides are 20% off.

Additionally, users can only select one seat to encourage social distancing for their ride. Furthermore, shared rides can only add up to 8 minutes of ride time. By limiting shared rides to only 8 minutes of additional time, consumers should feel confident that going with the cheaper option will not add a long delay to their trip.


For this who are looking to try out this new service, Uber is currently launching UberX Share in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, Portland, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh with more cities to come this summer.

Kyle’s Tip

Kyle Tip: Before requesting a UberX Share, remember that you are not guaranteed the 20% discount and might have to pay the full fare. Additionally, make sure that you can accommodate the potential 8 minute increase in trip time to your destination.

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