Just Face it, Security is Changing

Image of an American Airlines Boeing 737 parked on the tarmac under mostly sunny skies

Today, American Airlines is announcing an intuitive way for passengers to get through security at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport: their face.

How does this work?

For passengers enrolled in TSA Pre-check and the American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty program, they can know use their American Airlines Mobile ID to confirm their identity at the security checkpoint.

In order for this to work, passengers will need to download the Airside Digital Identity App before their flight. In this app, they will upload their AAdvantage loyalty number, take a photo of their face and scan their driver’s license or passport to confirm their identity. By confirming their identity ahead of time, they will be able to expedite their journey through security and not have to worry about finding their ID for the TSA officer. Instead, they will show their American Airlines Mobile ID QR code and then take their picture at the checkpoint.

Image of a black-haired passenger scanning their American Airlines Mobile ID with a blonde TSA agent looking on
Passenger scanning their Mobile ID (Courtesy of American Airlines)

In adding this new way to get through security, American is hoping to speed up the security process and improve the customer experience. American Airlines claims this verification process takes less than 5 seconds which could have a significant impact on getting people through security during this busy travel season.

Image of a black-haired woman getting her photo taken to confirm her identity with the Mobile ID. A blonde TSA agent looks on.
Passenger taking a picture to confirm identity (Courtesy of American Airlines)

While American hopes this process speeds up the security experience, it will be interesting to see how this works in practice. By requiring customers to set up their Mobile ID ahead of time, American adds one big obstacle to this process for those who do not wish or know to set this feature up. In order for this to work effectively, American is relying on a large number of their passengers to use this feature.

Where can I use this?

Besides DFW, American Airlines has plans to roll this feature out to Miami International Airport (MIA), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) and other airports later in the year.

Besides being used at the TSA checkpoints, customers can use this at select Admirals Club and hopefully at bag checks, domestic boardings gates and other customer service access points in the future.

Kyle’s Tip

Kyle’s Tip: Before going to the airport, make sure that you download the app and set up the Mobile ID. Otherwise, you will have to show both your boarding pass and ID at the checkpoint.


Please let us know in the comments if you would be willing to use this service or would rather stick with using just your boarding pass and ID.

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