Delta Readying to Fly into the Future

A Delta Airlines 737 Max 10 flying over the city

Today, Delta announced it will be adding the Boeing 737 Max 10 to its fleet. This plane will feature 182 seats with 20 of those being in First Class and another 33 being in Delta Comfort+. With this new plane, Delta hopes that it will be able to better to compete with its competition by offering newer planes with more capacity than the generation it replaces.

Delta Boeing 737 Max 10 in flight with clouds below and partly cloudy skies above
Delta Air Lines 737 Max 10 (Courtesy of Delta Air Lines)

The Deal

These planes should start arriving to Delta starting in 2025. In addition to the 100 planes already ordered, the contract also provides Delta with the option adding 30 more 373 Max 10 planes in the future. In the event that this new plane does not receive FAA certification in 2023, as expected, the contract allows Delta to shift their order to other 737 Max planes that have already gained certification.

For those wanting to try out Delta’s new plane, you can expect it to by flying out of many of Delta’s domestic hubs when it launches.

Kyle’s Thoughts

Kyle’s Thoughts: Any time an airline updates its fleet it is exciting. While I am surprised to see Delta order 737 Max 10s, considering they have been signing a majority of Airbus deals lately, it will be nice to see Delta modernize its fleet. If I had my guess, I believe Delta will be replacing its 757s with this model. We will let you know when we find out more information.

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