Need a Table? Try the Amex Dining Concierge

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Sometimes planning a night out can feel like more work than it’s worth. Luckily, the Amex Dining Concierge has you covered.

The Experience

When I recently applied and got my new Amex Platinum card, one of the perks that I was excited to try was the Amex concierge. However, at first I thought it was frivolous to use the concierge just for a dining reservation but after using the concierge a few times, I can happily say it is one of the best perks of the card.

Recently, I needed a table for 5 at one of NYC’s most popular restaurants, Jacob’s Pickles, but when I went to make my reservation on Resy, there were no tables available at the time I needed them. Since my request was pretty last minute, only a day before, I knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to get a table. However, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try calling the concierge for a table. Luckily enough, the concierge came through.

Image of the Amex Platinum Card
Amex Platinum Card (Courtesy of American Express)

After calling the number on the back of my card, I was directed to the dining concierge. Once connected, the concierge asked me for the name of the restaurant, how many guests the reservation was for, if the meal was for a special occasion, the date and the time of the reservation. To boost my chances of getting a table, I provided the concierge with a window of time that my group was available to eat. After providing the concierge with all of this information, she let me know she was going to put me on a brief wait while she called the restaurant. After about 3 minutes on hold, she let me know that she was able to successfully book a table for our group. This was a nice surprise as I thought I wouldn’t be able to get a table since Resy didn’t show availability. Following her confirmation of the booking, I received a confirmation of the booking from both her and Resy.

Although we had to eventually cancel this reservation, when I tried having the concierge help me get a table at another restaurant last minute, the concierge was able to come through and get me the table.

The Conclusion

After so many great experiences with the concierge, I would definitely recommend using the concierge service. All of the concierges that I talked to were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. If you ever need a table last minute, then I would definitely recommend using the concierge in the future.

Kyle’s Tip

While I wouldn’t recommend waiting to the last minute for a dining reservation, it is nice to know the Amex concierge might be able to help out. When talking with the concierge, I would recommend being flexible to give the concierge the most options to work with. Additionally, I would recommend you give them as much information as possible when they pick up so they don’t have to continue going back and forth between you and the restaurant when making a booking.

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