Ethics, Standards, & Corrections

Who we are

Our website address is: Our site’s goal is to help others learn helpful travel advice from the perspective of a new international traveler.

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We promise to uphold the highest levels of journalist ethics. It is our goal to provide every story with the facts that it deserves and not be influenced from any third-party. This includes any paid trips to review a company’s product and any commissions we make from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate. When we use an affiliate link on our website, we will potentially earn a commission from any purchases made through our link. However, this link will not change or influence our review of a product.

When provided any free trips to review a company’s product, we will make sure that we highlight this at the top of the page and that these free accommodations did not have any influence over our review of the product.


Before publishing, all of our articles are reviewed to make sure they are accurate and that we are providing our readers with fair and accurate information. We will make sure that we are using trusted sources and are sharing only our own thoughts and opinions on the stories we are covering.

We understand the trust you put into us as our reader and we want to make sure we pay you back with honesty that you deserve.


While we try to prevent any mistakes in our reporting, we do realize that this will happen from time-to-time. When there is a material difference in our reporting, we will update our story to fix the difference. In addition, we will mark at the top of the page any correction that have been made to the article.